for household and retail

Sustainable, beautiful, and easy to care interior elements
from Baltic Birch Plywood, Solid Wood, and Acrylics 

Interior items from plywood

Magnetic Acrylic block sign & photo holder

Magnetic Acrylic Block Sign & Photo Holder, a double-sided and stylish addition to your countertop display. Clear acrylic freestanding display blocks with embedded magnetic fasteners in each of the four corners, seamlessly showcases your signs, photos, and promotional materials while providing a modern and elegant touch to your space. Your advertising messages can simply be clamped between two thick acrylic panels. Designed to be used portrait or landscape.

A touch from Nature- Magnetic Acrylic and Plywood Block Sign & Photo Holder great choice if you need a more natural display in your space. 

What do we do? 

Domini Este is a small, automated, modern production facility that performs large amounts of work in short periods. We specialize in producing environmentally friendly advertising materials - plywood display stands or eco stands, as well as various other goods and furniture made of Baltic birch plywood.

The characteristics that ensure the sustainability of our products are good design, uncompromising quality, and well-thought-out functionality. We want to help you every step of the way — from design development to final delivery, and together we can achieve more!

Our production facilities